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Tangy Lemon Bodywash
Tangy Lemon Bodywash
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Tangy Lemon Bodywash
Tangy Lemon Bodywash

Tangy Lemon Bodywash

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All our products are made with pure and plant base ingredients. Oil used here acts as good moisturizer for our skin . Tangy Lemon Artisan Bodywash , a handmade skin-loving citrus Bodywash are with coconut oil and olive oil and lemon essential oil. This moisturizes and hydrates the skin . Lemon has an antibacterial properties that helps reduce excess oil on the skin, kills bacteria and removes dead skin cells .This sutes for all skin types . Give your morning skin a tangy wake up!!

Care and Usage: 

Always conduct a patch test while trying out any new product on your skin. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use .

please note :

. All prices are for one unit of the corresponding product .

. We do not accept returns or offer refund as these are personal care products. 

. If you receive a damaged product , please contact us or message us within six hours of receiving your package with picture of the damaged product along with your order number . we will try our best to resolve the issue . 

. All our products are handcrafted . kindly allow for minor variations in color payoff or design .

we recommend using our Body Wash within 6 months of purchase for maximum scent pay-off . Essential oil scents evaporate over time as opposed to synthetic fragrance and so that Body Wash might lose its scent if you store for too long.

. Please read ingredients listed to avoid known allergens 

NWT : 200G / 7 OZ


Sodium olivate [ olive ] , Sodium Cocoate [ Coconut ] , Aqua , ,Scented with spearmint essential Oil, Lemon essential oil,

& Glycerin .

Manufactured : 26th December 2021

Expiry : June 2022

Quantity in gm : 200g / 7oz

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